by [email protected] on June 24, 2020

Green tea has a long tradition that dates back more than 5,000 years, to the time of imperial China. It’s been known for centuries to have many health benefits, including longer life and reduced occurrence of some chronic diseases. However, most people drink green tea for its restorative and calming effects. What makes green tea different from black tea is that it’s made from leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant (the tea plant) that have not been allowed to oxidize. This gives green tea its slightly sweeter flavor and pale color in comparison with black tea. There are literally more than 600 different variants of green tea, known as “cultivars”. The aroma and flavor profile will differ, depending on growing conditions, production and processing, horticultural techniques and the timing of the harvest. Most green tea in the market today is from China. It’s known for its “vegetal” taste that comes from a unique process and preservation of the leaves from oxidation that makes it some of the most sought-after tea in the world. The most famous green tea is known as Long Jing (literally “dragon well”), which comes from China’s famous Zhejiang Province. Other variants from this famous tea-growing region include Huiming, Hua Ding, Kaihua Longding, and Gunpowder.