Green Tea For Acne And Fungal Infections: How Is It Helpful?

by on Sept. 4, 2020

Have you ever woken up to the stinging pain of a zit on your chin? Or maybe an inflamed spot between your toes? Acne and fungal infections are two common yet stressful problems faced by people every day. While acne occur mostly during puberty, these problems are not a surprising phenomenon in adults either. Pesky pimples and rashes can be a nightmare for adults. However, one of the best natural remedies for these is green tea. Not just as a form of drink, but also as a beauty regimen, green tea for acne and fungal infections is a scarcely explored option. Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition, which includes blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, cystic acne, spots, pimples etc. Adult acne erupts on the most inconvenient areas, like the face, back, neck, chest and upper arms. While puberty acne are a part of growing up, adult acne develop due to other reasons like pollution, stress, hormonal imbalance, excessive consumption of oily or sweet foods etc. Fungal infections, on the other hand, are mischievous corruptions where we end up inhaling tiny fungi spores or they land on the skin without our realisation. They propagate and show up in the form of swelling and inflammation like athlete’s foot, yeast infection, acne or a skin rash. Acne and fungal infections can not only be embarrassing but disconcerting situations for people and their self-esteems.